The Number 1 Most Important Nutrient For Hypothyroidism And Hyperthyroidism

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about the number one most important nutrient for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism!

There’s one really important nutrient involved with hypothyroidism that you need to know about now this also relates to a hyperthyroidism too.

If you have any problems with your thyroid this article is going to be very important.

The first thing to know is that 90 percent of all hypothyroid problems is an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s in most cases of hyperthyroidism is also an autoimmune condition.

An autoimmune condition is a situation where you have cells made by your own body okay there are very specific types of anti-bodies against the body little cells that actually attack your thyroid, so you have these cells that are programmed to think that your thyroid is like a pathogen, so these antibodies attack your thyroid and prevent it from functioning and they create a constant inflammatory condition as well and ninety percent of all hypothyroid cases are autoimmune.

01_ An Important Nutrient For The Thyroid!

Let’s talk about this one nutrient that’s really important you probably thought it would be iodine it’s not items very important because without iodine you can’t make thyroid hormones but selenium, and selenium is really important and you’re going to understand why in a minute because most of the selenium in your body is mostly concentrated in your thyroid if you go by the weight of that tissue and if you have a hypothyroid condition chances are you’re probably deficient in selenium it’s very common to have a deficiency and when you get diagnosed.

02_ Understanding Hypothyroidism!

With this autoimmune disease okay the three main antibodies that they find a problem with involves one that’s called thyroid peroxidase so these antibodies to thyroid peroxidase really inhibits your ability to make thyroid hormones because one of the functions of thyroid peroxidase is the production the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

You can just imagine by blocking that you’re not going to make enough thyroid hormones thus having a lowered amount of thyroid hormones that’s called hypothyroidism and then there’s another one okay that involves the receptor for thyroid stimulating hormone that’s that hormone from the pituitary that’s sent down to the blood that connects to the thyroid and tells the thyroid to make thyroid hormones and that receptor is called thyroglobulin receptor so if you have antibodies against that receptor you’re not able to receive the message that tells the thyroid to make thyroid hormones so you can imagine what kind of problems you’re going to have if you have antibodies to these three parts.

03_ Selenium For Thyroid Conditions!

The good news is that selenium can help significantly reduce these antibodies and it’s something natural that you can take and it’s in your food, but you can take it in small amounts to help you also selenium improves the thyroid as a whole, so that’s another benefit selenium also helps you convert T4 to T3. T3 is the active form T4 is not so T4 really doesn’t do much in your body unless it’s converted with the help of selenium.

I mean think about this let’s say for example you don’t have enough selenium and you’re taking Synthroid for example which is T4 synthetic T4 and your problem is you can’t convert it to the active form you’re not going to see much change you might have normal T4 in your blood but what about the T3 you really need to look at that to make sure that is uh insufficient amounts and so the point is like where’s the real problem is it in the conversion is it in the production selenium has also been known to decrease mixed edema which is a big problem for hypothyroid situations it looks like that but it’s not fat it’s like the puffiness that is throughout the body that makes you look fat but it’s not an actual fat.

Selenium also decreases inflammation why because it’s involved in making glutathione one of the most powerful um antioxidants in the body and this is why selenium is so important with your liver as well and that’s a whole different topic but selenium can help prevent a fatty liver it can help prevent inflammation in the liver it can help prevent fibrosis in your liver it can decrease your liver enzymes it can even decrease the risk of liver cancer.

Selenium is also high in certain types of fish and so if you’re concerned about getting Mercury from certain fish a fish also has selenium which makes this protein that helps get rid of mercury in cadmium now mercury has been linked to autoimmune conditions of your thyroid and cadmium by itself directly inhibits the production of thyroid hormones.

So, here’s yet another reason why selenium is so important for these conditions selenium even decreased the risk of getting an autoimmune condition because apparently when you’re low in selenium there’s a higher level of initiation of autoimmune problems it’s kind of like the match that triggers the fire and also as a byproduct of thyroid metabolism you have this hydrogen peroxide so selenium helps you make glutathione that helps you deal with this hydrogen peroxide which is you can create a toxicity in your thyroid also when you get graves’ disease which is a hyperthyroid problem a lot of times you get these bulging eyes well selenium helps reduce that symptom too.

04_ Foods High In Selenium!

Where do you get selenium? Well! It’s in meat it’s in fish it’s in eggs it’s in Dairy cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli it’s in nuts it’s in onions it’s in garlic and it’s definitely an organ Meats selenium can also help decrease the risk of getting those thyroid nodules and it can even help prevent the enlargement of your thyroid.

Your thyroid has other mechanisms of accumulating selenium helping to recycle it and make sure that you’re not ending up in a low selenium situation I hope you now know the importance of selenium as it relates to the thyroid.

05_ Natural Remedies For Thyroid Conditions!

As far as doses go of selenium of course I would always recommend eating foods high in selenium but I would recommend the 200 micrograms of selenium each day in a nice base of other trace minerals just to make sure you’re not you know creating an imbalance and if it is true that you have these antibodies you have this autoimmune condition whether it’s graves or hashimoto’s.

I also recommend another I don’t sell it I’m not affiliated with the company that does but it’s called thytrophin PMG it’s from a product developed by Standard Process okay so you can look that up you would take one before bed and that works a little bit differently, but I think the combination of both of these would be very important in helping you recover.

06_ Learn More About Thyroid Conditions!

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