The Dangers And Benefits Of Baking Soda

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about baking soda benefits and dangers.

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Your body actually makes sodium bicarbonate.

Different parts of the body have different pH levels. Even different parts of your digestive tract require different pH levels.

Sodium bicarbonate helps decrease the acid in your small intestine, which increases the pH and supports important digestive enzymes. If I needed to take enzymes, I would also take baking soda to help activate the enzymes.

Baking soda may also be helpful in certain cases for people with acid reflux or heartburn. However, it shouldn’t be taken often or over a long period of time.

Chronic consumption of baking soda can lead to certain side effects, including:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Acid rebound

A better remedy for acid reflux or heartburn might be betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar. This is because the typical root cause of these issues is actually a lack of stomach acid.

But, if someone has an ulcer or gastritis, betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar will cause irritation. In these situations, baking soda might provide some relief.

Some interesting research is even being done on sodium bicarbonate for cancer.

Baking soda may also be beneficial for:
• Skin allergies
• Sinus problems
• Gout attacks
• Improving athletic performance

Overall, baking soda is a great potential remedy for certain problems. However, it’s also important to ask yourself why you need to take a natural remedy in the first place and work to fix the root cause of the issue.

So today we’re going to talk about the benefits and the dangers of baking soda, which is sodium bicarbonate. Now, I don’t know if you knew this, but your body actually makes baking soda

01_ Understanding Baking Soda!

Baking soda is organically made by the pancreas, and it’s triggered by a hormone in your small intestine which gets signaled when the acid comes through from the stomach and the stomach you have this super acidic mixture between one and three and then it goes into small intestine which should go up to like maybe six or seven, sometimes even like 7.5. Now if you know anything about pH is this is like an extreme difference of pH and so this is very important for several reasons to have these different PHS,

02_ Baking Soda Benefits!

01_ Stomach Acid Neutralization!

The baking soda benefits neutralization of that stomach acid is really very important. When we don’t neutralize the stomach acid, then we get a severe irritation and inflammation in our small intestine, but it’s that baking soda sodium bicarbonate that’s coming from the pancreas, it’s going to help neutralize this acid.

Now why is this so important?!! Well! because the majority of the enzymes that are needed for digestion are activated, they get turned on by a much higher ph. I mean if you just take a look at the stomach pepsin, that’s a very powerful protein enzyme and that’s activated by a pH between like 1 to 1.5. So, with that enzyme you need a very strong stomach acid, but with the other enzymes right in your small intestine coming out from the pancreas you need a much higher more Alkaline pH for those enzymes to work like Trypsin for example which is a very important enzyme with a pH of 7.5 to 8. And this means that if you don’t have the bicarbonates to kind of buffer this pH and we still have too much acidity coming down in the small intestine the Trypsin enzyme cannot work, it’s useless even Lipase the lipid enzyme that comes from the pancreas needs a pH of 8.

I hope you can now see that the vital importance of having the right pH in the right place are essential for digestion especially when you talk about enzymes and this is why you can’t really uh say that oh yeah the body is alkaline or the body is to acid It’s a combination of a lot of different PHS.

So, you need to understand this if you’re going to try to alkalize the body or even acidify the body because as soon as you start to alkalize the body like with some remedy like even baking soda it has to go through the stomach to get to different places now bicarbonate is not just produced by your pancreas it’s also produced by the little tubes that connect in between the liver and the gallbladder the bile ducts actually secret bicarbonate as well which is interesting.

Let’s say for example you have a problem with your pancreas that you’re not able to produce enough enzymes which is not very uh common because there’s a huge reserve in your pancreas for these enzymes but it definitely occurs and if you have a deficiency the treatment is taking enzymes but they rarely if ever include bicarbonate with that so here you are taking these enzymes but what is going to activate it if you don’t have the right pH alkaline in your small intestine because the pancreas for example is too exhausted to release these bicarbonates then what’s going to activate them.

So, in other words if you’re going to take enzymes I would also recommend you take some baking soda with that to help them get activated so from one aspect baking soda might help your digestion from just activating certain enzymes now on another hand baking soda may be helpful in certain situations with like acid reflux or heartburn if you don’t take it very often and you don’t take it for a long period of time because if you’re going to take it for you know weeks and months you’re going to actually create other problems because usually the underlying cause of heartburn or acid reflux is a lack of acid not too much acid and so this is

02_ Increasing Athletic Performance!

Yes! Baking Soda helps having a little more endurance, because when you exercise, especially intense exercise, you will generate lactic acid okay so now we’re going to change the pH of certain tissues in your body and so this lactic acid tends to inhibit oxygen and then what’s going to happen is you’re going to hit the wall when you exercise so you’ll have a limited endurance but there’s been a few interesting studies that shows that if you consume baking soda 90 minutes before this exercise intensity routine it can improve your performance because it’s going to neutralize this acidity and then allow more oxygen to occur but not only that I think another thing that it does is that baking soda turns into as a byproduct water and CO2 carbon dioxide which automatically allows oxygen to go into the body.

03_ Decreasing The Incidence Of Cancer!

I had to dig deep but I found some interesting research on the relationship between picking sodium bicarbonate and cancer, and currently in a recent study there was a significant Improvement in decreasing the incidence of metastasis. If you take a look at a normal cell versus a cancer cell in relationship to pH.

The outside of a cancer cell is way more acid than a normal cell let the inside of that cell cancer cell is alkaline more alkaline than a normal cell so that’s interesting so when people say that oh yeah cancer is acid are you talking about the inside of the cell or the outside of the cell and there’s a more concentrated amount of lactic acid okay and lactate and that can actually trigger the growth of tumors so if you were to reduce that kind of neutralize that pH potentially you can actually prevent the growth of the tumor.

Now, realize that all this is kind of down chain in other words it’s like the kind of consequences of this chain reaction that occurs originally from some type of damage to the mitochondria and then the oxygen machine can’t work and then the body uses a different mechanism to get its Fuel and then the body switches from normal cell to now a cancer cell which is kind of like a backup system to get fuel and in the process there’s a lot of lactic acid generated.

So, when you’re taking baking soda you’re not actually doing anything for this initial cause of cancer in the mitochondria, but what I like about it is that baking soda can increase CO2, and CO2 is all about allowing oxygen to kind of go deeper into the tissues we’re taught that CO2 is just a waste product but it’s essential for oxygen so if you’re just like hyper focused on this oxygen thing and you’re ignoring CO2 it’s not going to work so even if you do searches on like CO2 carbon dioxide in relationship to cancer there’s some therapies out there that shows that it can inhibit the tumor growth just by doing CO2 which is interesting which is a byproduct of baking soda

04_ Decreases Skin Allergies!

Another interesting thing about baking soda is that people use it for their skin to help decrease rashes or some type of skin allergy.

05_ Decreases Sinus Problems!

baking soda is good if you have a sinus problem right if you could just put it in a Neti Pot maybe a fourth of a teaspoon with a little pinch of sea salt and you dissolve that and you get the vapors into your sinuses that can greatly help your sinus irritation so that would be more like a sinus irrigation.

03_ How Much And When To Use Baking Soda!

When I recommend using baking soda, I’m always talking about taking it sporadically, not like all the time every single day, to help reduce the risk of gout attacks because you can inhibit the formation of that uric acid Crystal if you just get your pH a little higher and so you would want to monitor the pH in your urine and take it until the pH of your urine is like maybe a seven versus like a five.

04_ Side Effects Of Baking soda

Why some of the side effects of chronic consumption of baking soda can create Bloating Gas and even something called Acid Rebound?!!

Well! Your body now is going to make more acid to compensate, so if you wanted to take it short term here and there for some acid reflux that is totally fine as long as you are also focused on correcting that cause of it which is usually a lack of acid. This is why I think a much better remedy would be Betaine Hydrochloride and some Apple Cider Vinegar.

But let us say for example you have an ulcer or let’s say for example you have gastritis. Your stomach lining is just raw if you take betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar, you’re just going to irritate the heck out of it but you can very easily take baking soda to give you some relief so I just wanted to kind of give you some specifics on like when you may want to take it when you might not take it now of course there’s going to be people commenting on the article saying “well! You know, my grandfather took this his whole life and he is you know, 120 years old so it is fine”.

So, I’m not here to tell you not to take it because I I’m totally into natural remedies but in flip side you always want to ask yourself why do you need to take any remedy at all and do you know the cause I think you should find natural remedies to kind of handle the symptoms but also at the same time really understand the mechanism so you can really eventually get rid of the cause which if you have heartburn really relates to kind of what you’re eating.

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