The Number 1 Remedy For Heart Palpitations

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about the number one remedy for heart palpitations. It’s a very easy quick remedy that is 100% effective and powerful!

I recommend you try it out as I personally had really bad palpitations at one time (even thought it was a heart problem, but it wasn’t) and this remedy saved my life.

01_ What Is Heart Palpitations?

Palpitation is an irregular eurythmic beet that can come and go, and before I get into the most common one, I want to cover all of the reasons why you might have palpitation.

02_ What Causes Heart Palpitations?

Top causes of heart palpitations:

01_ Stress!

Stress affects the electrolytes behind the cardiovascular system resulting in stress-induced palpitations.

02_ Caffeine!

Too much caffeine can result in heart palpitations as well. Caffeine is a stimulant and it can affect the heart. I personally only have one cup of coffee in the morning.

#_ Of course, in the past in college I used to drink pots of coffee, but I tell you I am much healthier now than when I was in college. Honestly, I didn’t really do that at the time I had to go through a lot of pain and suffering before I figured it out.

I just have to mention one little thing about that you need to learn from the mistakes of others, you don’t want to wait until you have a health problem before you do something about it.

03_ Wine!

That’s right, wine can create palpitations, it could be from the alcohol, or it could be from the salt fights which you might be sensitive to.

04_ Gluten!

Gluten Is the protein in certain grains. It’s the only protein that can’t be digested by our bodies so it does affect our guts and also whatever goes on in your gut can affect your brain and even the heart. You have this close proximity of your digestive organs to the heart and the liver it’s all kind of tightly, jammed into your chest area and especially when you get a fatty liver, things kind of expand in there and then it presses on certain things.

05_ Bile Sludge!

You can also have a congested gallbladder that can affect the heart as well. so, if you have sludge down the bile ducts that’s connected from your liver to your gallbladder that can create palpitations as well.

06_ Food Allergies!

What happens when you have a food allergy is you get this little spike in your pulse rate so you do have this connection, and this is kind of in the category of what they call gastrocardiac syndrome gastro digestion cardiac heart syndrome so basically you eat certain things that disagree with certain things and then you get symptoms not just palpitations you can get heartburn gas bloating and even chest pain so of course the first thing I would do if I had palpitations now is kind of scan through to make sure what I’m eating is not creating problems.

07_ Certain Medications!

Also, I want to put this on your radar. Certain medications, especially to medications that decongest your sinuses (antibiotics, anti-fungals, thyroid medications, antipsychotic medications, antidepressants), they can affect the heart and create palpitations.

If you’re taking these medications you have no idea what side effects could be coming from them.

08_ Hyperthyroidism!

If you’re hyperthyroid, then, your thyroid is working too fast which can definitely create heart palpitations and even severe arrhythmias.

09_ Electro-Magnetic Fields(EMF)!

You can pick it up with a little tri-filled electromagnetic field tester.

#_ I went through my room my computer I went through the entire house to find out where these electromagnetic fields were coming from in strong amounts and I was shocked to find out in the back of my bed my headboard it was like I was literally like eight feet extended out from my headboard there was this very strong electromagnetic field okay I was being bathed in this electromagnetic field and guess what your heart is electrical.

So, what happened was I had the electrician take down the walls and find all sorts of these cross wires whoever did the electrical did not know what they were doing they were probably drunk when they did it because they messed everything up when they fixed those wires wow my sleep improved greatly I woke up feeling more refreshed and the palpitations went away so you can check your computer even like your battery backup or some of the cables and you’ll be shocked to find out how much of this electromagnetic field is being generated but there’s all sorts of things you can do to just reposition things.

10_ Over-exercising/Poor Sleeping!

Over-exercising can create problems with the heart especially if you’re not recovering or sleeping. I’ve personally known patients that just over trained and they had palpitations and all we did is make some adjustments on their training and it went away.

11_ Magnesium deficiency!

Deficiency magnesium is probably the most common deficiency, when someone gets arrhythmias, especially palpitations, then I would say potassium would be the next one. 66% of the population is deficient in magnesium probably because most of the Magnesium that we get come from plants and salads and things like that and an average person in the world consumed only like 1.5 cups of vegetable per day you would need basically a right around 7 to 10 cups of salad or if you’re doing just vegetables maybe four to five cups.

But, the point is that your problem could be that you’re just not getting enough from the diet magnesium is at the heart of chlorophyll which actually is the green stuff in the plants chlorophyll mimics your blood with one tiny change as far as the chemistry goes blood has iron which is red chlorophyll has magnesium which is green not to mention when you refine foods and eat refined sugars you are consuming something without hardly any magnesium and if you get a blood test and it shows normal magnesium realize that the majority of magnesium like 99.8 percent of all the magnesium is inside the cell not on your outside in the blood it’s inside the cell.

So, unless you do an intracellular magnesium test you’re not going to find a lot of medications deplete magnesium stress depletes magnesium so you have a couple choices I think the best thing to do is to increase more salads seven to ten cups what is one cup just think about a like a small handful of salad that’s one cup now you can also use a supplement I recommend magnesium glycinate.

But, the point is magnesium is a really common electrolyte and if you do the vegetables you’ll basically kill two birds with one stone you’ll get potassium and magnesium and just realize it does take some time to build up to actually fulfill this deficiency if you have one it could take weeks or even some months it doesn’t always happen overnight but I think this is a very important topic especially if you are living with palpitations.

03_ Learn More About The Gallbladder!

On this topic of digestion affecting the heart, I think you should really get more information about this gallbladder connection as well. For that, I’ve written a specified article. Check it out!

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