6 Mistakes When Treating A Viral Infection

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about six common mistakes people do when trying to get rid of a viral infection as soon as they can!

There are six mistakes that you can make when you develop a viral infection, and you’re going to actually address it or treat it because when you start getting sick, especially a viral infection, you want to make sure that you can maybe fight it off initially, so it doesn’t develop into a full-blown infection and if you have the infection you want a very quick recovery you don’t want something that’s going to last a very long time.

Due to this bad habit and the bad experience we have had through the last years, this article is going to be very, very important.

01_ How To Get Over A Viral Infection Fast!

01_ Mistake 1: Stopping A Fever Too Quickly!

There’s this impulse to want to get rid of your fever especially if a child has fever well did you realize that by getting rid of the fever you’re going to prolong the duration of the infection you have to realize what that fever is there for very important it is there to help reduce the spreading of the virus that’s right like if it’s in your sinuses down into the lungs it can actually inhibit the spreading from the lungs throughout the rest of the body it can reduce the reproduction of the virus it helps inhibit the virus going into the cell it reduces something called “il6” which is a requirement for the virus to survive.

On top of that The Fever increases your T killer cells which is everything to do with killing of viruses as well as killing off cancer in fact when you start getting a fever I would recommend do things to keep really warm to help enhance that fever you know when you’re actually sleeping just wear more clothes have more blankets take a hot bath take a hot shower stay really warm viruses hate heat.

02_ Mistake 2: Taking An Antibiotic!

It doesn’t work! Antibiotics only work for bacterial infections not viruses not fungal infections not candida only for bacterial infections and the problem when you take an antibiotic there’s some slight minor complications and I’m being very sarcastic because there are a lot of side effects the big one being you know when you take an antibiotic you’re not going to fully kill off everything right those microbes that survive become stronger they start resisting that antibiotic they learn from that stress and now the next time you use an antibiotic it doesn’t work anymore and then you get sick and you have another infection.

So, over time these antibiotics become less and less effective not to mention all the other side effects so when you have a virus infection antibiotics don’t work and if for some reason you have to take an antibiotic make sure you also take a probiotic at the exact same time so you can actually kind of preserve your own microbes to some extent I mean the reason we’re even bringing this up is because literally like 50 percent of all antibiotics are prescribed unnecessarily also if you take antibiotics you end up with a severe B1 deficiency which creates all sorts of issues.

03_ Mistake 3: Over Sanitizing (Hygiene Hypothesis)!

The “Hygiene Hypothesis” mainly has to do with kids that are living in a very super clean environment they tend to get more allergies they tend to get sick more often simply because they don’t develop an immune system you have to realize that especially early on when you get an infection as a child that’s the training of your immune system so sometimes we have this obsession to keep everything so sterile and clean and sanitized.

Well, that can inhibit your immune system as well especially if you are sanitizing your hands or your skin you actually are wiping off all the good bacteria that live on your skin as well I mean this also can relate to facial cleansing creams and scrubs and all this work to kind of clean your skin whether you have acne or whatever you’re just stripping off all these friendly bacteria and you end up with rashes on your skin and the skin is not as healthy.

04_ Mistake 4: Detoxifying!

When you run down or you’re getting sick you don’t want to do a detox you don’t want to take things that detoxify you because that’s going to weaken your system you’re going to actually probably even get sick just from that I’ve been completely you know without symptoms right I had no infections and then I took some remedy to detoxify myself and I ended up with a full-blown infection now what is going on with that when you detox sometimes incorrectly you release a lot of crud and stuff and you’re it creates an immune reaction and you can even be sick just from that not to mention you can weaken the immune system and activate latent viruses that are dormant.

So, the point is when you’re sick you want to nurture that situation you don’t want to start doing any type of detoxification and even doing a detox in general I have videos on that there’s the right way to do it but you want to do it so you don’t get sick so you want to learn from the mistakes of others including me and I mean, I was sick in bed for two weeks unnecessarily by just doing a detox.

05_ Mistake 5: Shotgun Effect!

The shotgun effect on your immune system happens when taking every single known remedy demand for an infection just tons of stuff you’re going to overdo it you don’t need to do that yeah even sometimes when they have like um a sinus infection they’ll start doing colloidal silver as a nasal rinse and then they’ll add hydrogen peroxide and then they’ll add other things like garlic it’s going to irritate your tissues so you got to really be careful not to overdo it I have videos on this of what to do probably the three Essentials would be zinc a natural form of vitamin C and vitamin D and also apple cider vinegar is a nice one as well because apple cider vinegar stimulates the phagocytes so it can stimulate the immune system to kind of clean things up.

06_ Mistake 6: Suppressing The Immune System!

I’ve seen this mistake quite frequently as trying to suppress the immune system when it’s trying to work right away so there’s a lot of medications that suppress a cough or suppress mucus right the cough and the mucus is there to get rid of the virus so you start suppressing things you push them deeper into the tissues and now you have the infection longer so anything that can actually help get rid of mucus and help it drain or even improve a productive cough would be a good thing there’s another point about cortisol and even sometimes people have to take prednisone when they’re sick.

Prednisone is a synthetic cortisol and cortisol which is a stress hormone suppresses the immune system big time it basically makes your immune system paralyzed it lowers white blood cells what am I talking about I’m talking about anything that stresses you out when you’re going through a viral infection or even a bacterial infection boy that is a big problem that’s probably the biggest problem in fact there probably wasn’t a time that you got sick that you didn’t have some stress event that occurred just before that so it’s very important to keep your stress to a minimum, get plenty of rest, take hot baths, or nurture your body, and so on.

02_ Learn More About The Immune System!

It is very recommended that you read about the immune system, if you haven’t seen my very important immune article. Check it out!

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